CS302 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz

CS302 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz. Aslam u alaikum dear students. If you are looking forCS302 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaazfile? Then you are visiting the right website. I provided the perfect solution here according to my efforts. If there is any mistake then please correct it to get good grades in your Midterm and Final Term exams. Please verify the answers of all questions before remembering them for your Midterm and Final Term exams.CS302 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz
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  • CS302 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz
  • CS302 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz

Now break down the problem

into small segments and calculations. Also include examplesin all segments. In this problem we should take an employee with his data fromeach category. Let’s say Mr. Ahmad is a permanent employee working as financeManager. His salary is Rs 20,000 andCS302 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz

car and house allowance
the rent is Rs.4000 and there is a deduction of Rs.1200. We should consider the sameemployees from other categories. This will help us in checking and testing
program later.The next step is to formulate these statements in precise language, i.e. that we can usepseudocode and flowchart. which will then be used to develop the program
using a computer language.
Then the program should be evaluated by testing and inspection. If there are any
detected changes, we revise the activities and repeat the process. That is, repetitioncycle, we reach a refined solution.Points to rememberSo the main points to keep in mind are:

o Do not assume from users

System softwareSystem software controls the computer. Communicates with the computerhardware (keyboard, mouse, modem, sound card, etc.) and controls various aspectsoperation. Subcategories of system software are:
o Operating system
o Device drivers
o Utilities
times abbreviated “OS”)

the program that manages everythingdefinitionresponsible for controlling hardware allocation and usageresources such as memory, central processing unit (CPU) time, disk space, and peripherals. TheOperating system
Operating system (anyother programs on the computer. It is an integrated collection of routines that serve
sequencing and computer processing

programs. Note: Operating systemcan provide many services such as resource allocation, scheduling, input/outputdata control and management.D”The operating system is softwarerethe operating system is the foundation of applications such as word processing and spreadsheetsprograms are compiled. (Microsoft)”
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CS302 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz

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