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CS402 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz. Aslam u alaikum dear students. If you are looking forCS402 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz file? Then you are visiting the right website. I provided the perfect solution here according to my efforts. If there is any mistake then please correct it to get good grades in your Midterm and Final Term exams. Please verify the answers of all questions before remembering them for your Midterm and Final Term exams.CS402 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz
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Application software
A program or group of programs intended for end users. For example, a program forAccounting, payroll, inventory management system and gu(Gwhich they determine via satellite.CS402 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz


History of the C language
The C language was developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s at Bell Laboratories. inat that time the BCPL and B languages ​​were developed there. The BCPL language wasdeveloped in 1967 by Martin Richards as a language for writing operating systemssoftware and compilers. In 1970, Ken Thompson used

the B language for early creation
© Copyright Virtual University of PakistanCS201 – Introduction to Programming
emory aurden to treat the data item as an integer or a real number, for example wasunlimited powers over computers. You can programturn on or off any computer device. There’s a lot you can do with a hard drive and other things
periphery. It is very easy to write a program in C that stops the computer from running.

when programming in C.
unequivocal and machine-independentdefinition of language. In 1989, the standard was approved. ANSI worked withthe international standards organization (ISO) that standardizes the C language worldwide.we need a tool to write program code. For this purpose we useds we write code in English and we

know that computers only understand zeros
n.d. 1s. So we need a translator to translate our program code into the machine
Language. There are two types of translators known as interpreter andCompilers. These translators translate our program which is written in C languageinto machine language. Interpreters translate a program line by line, which means
it reads one line of the program and translates it, then

reads a second line, translates it, and so on
on. The advantage is that we get errors as we go and it’s very easy.CS402 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz.CS402 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz

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