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List using linked memory
We have seen an implementation of a list using an array. We will now
discuss the list implementation when using linked memory. In a field,
the memory cells of the array are interconnected. It means that the memory on
the field is continuous. In an array,

it is impossible for a single array element to be  CS605 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz
located in a memory location while the other element is located somewhere far away from it
in memory. It is located in a completely different location in memory. This is a property
an array that its elements are located next to each other in memory. In addition,
when we declared the size of the array,

it is not possible to increase or decrease it
it during program execution. If we need more elements to store in an array,
it is necessary to change its size in the declaration. We need to compile the program
again before executing it. The field will now have a new size. But what happens when we
Need to save more elements again?  CS605 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz

We will change the code of our program to
change the array declaration when recompiling it.
Suppose we used dynamic memory allocation and created an array of 100
elements using the new operator. If necessary, we will provide 200 elements
free this array and allocate a new array of 200 elements. Before release
previous array, it will be wise to copy its elements to the new array to avoid this
lose any information. Now this new field is in the “ready to use” position. I mean
the process of creating a new field is not an easy task.

CS605 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz
To avoid such problems that programmers usually face when using an array,
it is necessary to use linked memory in which different memory cells are not
placed continuously. In this process, each memory cell contains not only
the value of the element, but also the information where the next element of the list is
residing in memory. It is not necessary for the next element to be in the next place
in memory. It can be anywhere in memory. We have to watch it.
In this way, the first element must explicitly have information about
the location of the second element. Similarly, the second element must know where

CS605 Final Term Solved Papers by Moaaz

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