Popular Scholarships in Hong Kong without IELTS 2022

Studying in Hong Kong. Scholarships in Hong Kong without IELTS 2022 for international students interested in Undergraduate, Masters, and Ph.D Degree program. Advanced International Degree is open for application. This is not an opportunity for anyone to miss because it does not require IELTS. Students must have research skills, reliable communication skills and excellent academic performance.

Hong Kong universities strive to be among the best in the world. There are also many non-IELTS bursaries for international students in different countries. This is a great opportunity for you to study in Hong Kong without IELTS and apply for the Hong Kong Government Scholarship.

Hong Kong has some of the top universities in the world. Universities are state-sponsored and internationally recognized. All education departments and majors are available and accredited by the Universities of Hong Kong. In this article, we will give you a list of Hong Kong Scholarships without IELTS and Hong Kong Universities without IELTS. Details are available below.

Scholarships in South Korea Without IELTS 2022 | Fully Funded

About Scholarships in Hong Kong outside IELTS 2022

  • Country Scholarship: Hong Kong
  • scholarship type: Fully Covered
  • Eligibility: All people of the world
  • Number of Scholarships available: 300

List of Available Courses for Scholarships in Hong Kong without IELTS

Candidates can pursue any degree of interest in the following fields:

The law
The tree
Social science
Computer Science

List of Universities in Hong Kong without IELTS

Students from all over the world dream of getting a higher education. Now, they can study at top universities in Hong Kong without a language test like IELTS. Studying in Hong Kong is beneficial as students can easily go to China. The following universities offer education to students who are not ready to take the IELTS:

Hong Kong City University
University of Hong Kong Baptist
University of Hong Kong
Lingnan University, Hong Kong
University of Hong Kong Polytechnic
Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
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List of Scholarships in Hong Kong without IELTS

A list of courses available in Hong Kong is provided below:

Bhajan Lal Scholarship
Belt and Road Scholarship
JN Tata Endowment Scholarship
Hong Kong PhD. Fellowship Scheme
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Scholarship
HKBU Hinrich Foundation scholarship for Masters in International Journalism
Outstanding Performance Scholarship

Sweden Government Scholarships 2022

How to study without IELTS

This scholarship is offered by the Hong Kong Government, so applicants’ fees will be covered. A condition of study in Hong Kong without IELTS is that the applicant has completed his or her previous degree in English. English technical certificate required at the time of application.

So this is a complete list of Scholarship in Hong Kong without the requirements of IELTS. We hope you find this blog useful. If you want to study in Hong Kong, you are encouraged to go through these study programs.

Popular Scholarships in Hong Kong without IELTS
Scholarships in Hong Kong without IELTS
Finland University Scholarships
University of Bristol Scholarships
University of Alberta Scholarship
Renmin University Scholarship
Scholarships in Hong Kong without IELTS